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We get children with Special Educational Needs the support, provision and school they are entitled to with real positive results

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What the team is known for
Prominent national practice with considerable experience assisting children and young adults in post-16 and post-19 provision. Particularly noted for its strong track record in SENDIST proceedings.


Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients)
"They always meet deadlines, they make time to speak to you and they offer much-needed help and support. The whole operation was excellent from start to finish."
"Langley Wellington is very well organised, knowledgeable and prompt in its responses. They do not waste unnecessary hours and they are effective and considered in their advice."


Notable practitioners
Imelda Brennan is a seasoned education lawyer with particular expertise in judicial review matters. She is highly praised by the market for her strong knowledge, empathy and listening skills.


Known for its extensive counsel in relation to SEN as well as in-depth experience in Tribunal and Judicial Review work. Additional work across Disability Discrimination and Admissions and Exclusions



Notable practitioners
Department Head Imelda Brennan has long-standing experience in the education sector. In addition to SENDIST matters she also provides advice to parents in connection with school admissions and exclusions


What the team is known for Renowned practice with areas of expertise that include admissions, exclusions, bullying, disability discrimination and SEN cases. Well regarded in the appeals arena.


Strengths (Quotes mainly from clients)
"Their performance has been exceptional - they are extremely organised and very thorough, and have supported us through this difficult process."

‘They are very good and efficient. Their communication is good and they respond to queries quickly.’


Notable practitioners
Imelda Brennan is sought after by parents for her expertise in Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) tribunals and appeals. Interviewees praise her efficiency and understanding of cases, noting that ‘she has a good head on her shoulders.’


…this ‘down-to-earth’ team is ‘organised, personable and approachable,’ and the lawyers are ‘good at listening and sifting through information to get at the heart of a case.’ The team has a strong reputation in the sector, and is able to advise on SEN, post-16 provisions, admissions and exclusions and disability discrimination claims.


who we help

We work on behalf of children whose education is suffering for any number of reasons including a lack of appropriate support to meet their Special Educational Needs. Find out more about some of these needs and how you can ensure you get support for your child from the Local Authority using the Tribunal Process

the process

Education Lawyers help you through the legal process and paperwork meaning you can concentrate on caring for your child, looking forward to getting the right educational provision from your Local Authority and seeing real results . Click here to find out what the process entails and the timescales involved.

real results

Parents ask us for help when they have problems with their child’s education. We make a real difference and get children the educational support they need and are entitled to receive. Find out about some of our recent cases and what a positive difference has been made.

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We work for clients in England and Wales and provide a personal and supportive service. Call us to talk about your situation in more detail and see how we can help.

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