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M.O.T your child’s EHCP

Find out more about our very popular and great value service to M.O.T your child’s EHCP!

If you have, or about to get, a draft Education, Health and Care Plan, you have just 15 working days in which to check it meets your child’s needs and name your preferred placement. If you need help ensuring it meets your child’s needs, we can help with our fantastic fixed-price service to M.O.T your EHCP.

We put in an enormous amount of work in just a few days to give the draft plan a thorough going over, suggest changes, improvements, and advise on legal compliance.

M.O.T your child's EHCP

Why do I need the plan checked thoroughly?

It’s essential that your child or young person’s Education, Health and Care Plan identifies and provides for all your child’s special educational needs and disabilities. If the need isn’t in the plan, no provision will be made or funded. Once it’s finalised, it’s unlikely to be changed before the next annual review.

Whether it’s a new draft plan or an update following an annual review, it’s vital the plan is fit for purpose. For parents who already have a lot to deal with day-to-day, 15 working days is a very short space of time to go through what may be a complicated document!

Nevertheless, it’s imperative the draft plan is gone over with a fine tooth-comb. The majority of parents find the draft plan is inadequate in either naming or meeting – or both – their child or young person’s needs. It’s not uncommon for parents to discover the wrong name, wrong gender or wrong diagnosis on the plan – and that’s just basic information! Sorting it all out can take many hours of detailed work and many parents don’t know where to start.

M.O.T Your child's EHCP

It may also be that you want to ask for a personal budget but aren’t sure how this might work. Or your case officer might have claimed their local authority “doesn’t do personal budgets”. This is wrong. It’s your right to request a PB to cover your child’s needs, although the LA doesn’t have to agree to it. Often children and their parents have not been offered assessments by the LA’s social care department so these needs are missing from the plan.

This is where our fixed-price service to M.O.T their EHCP comes in!

We can give your child’s draft EHCP a thorough “M.O.T”!

Education Lawyers’ specialist solicitors will give your child’s draft Education, Health and Care Plan a complete “M.O.T” health check. We’ll closely check the details and advise if it meets the relevant legal requirements. We’ll provide advice on how a draft EHCP can be improved so that the provision and therapies meet all your child’s special educational needs so you can take it back to your case officer for amendments. We’ll also tell you what’s missing and what needs to be done to fix it.

We can provide this advice either in writing or by telephone. There’s a fixed fee, so there are no nasty surprises at the end.

Cost: A one-off fee of £995 (plus VAT). Considering the short timescale, amount of work entailed, and the implications of a poor plan, we hope you’ll agree this is tremendous value for money. The work is carried out by a highly experienced, qualified and regulated solicitor so you can have complete faith in the service you are receiving.

Please be very cautious if you are considering paying unqualified and unregulated “advocates” with no guarantee of quality or experience.

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