Education Legal services for Families, in particular, Special Educational Needs & Disability
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Education Lawyers only represents children, young people, and their families. This means you can be sure we’re always on your side. You can contact us using the form below.

We accept clients from across England and Wales, challenging the decisions of local authorities and schools. If we can help in any of the following areas, get in touch or contact us by asking for a call-back.

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  • SEND law: If you’re considering appealing to the First-Tier or Upper Tribunal about your child’s special educational needs provision, we can help.
  • Educational Placement: If you’re seeking an appropriate school or college for your child, we have an excellent track record in securing places in both mainstream and specialist school settings.
  • Judicial Review: If you are considering instigating judicial review proceedings regarding educational provision, we can advise and act on your behalf.
  • Disability Discrimination: If you believe your child has been discriminated against by their school then we can advise you on what action to take.
  • Complaints about education or social care: We can advise parents who want to seek redress over the conduct of their council, regarding education or social care failures. Ultimately, this may end up with a complaint to the Local Government & Social Care Ombudsman. We can advise or act for you if you need help through the process. 

Alternatively, contact us by emailing directly at education@langleywellington.co.uk.  We’ll review the facts and give you a clear idea about where you stand, and what action needs to be taken.

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Kindly note: We are not registered Legal Aid solicitors and cannot offer this service. However, we have prepared some information about how to apply for this and the criteria to help you.

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