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Category: EHCP

Rukhsana on EHCPs and SEND law at the Parent and Carer Conference 2023

Recently, our partner, Rukhsana Koser, once again partnered with the Parent and Carer Alliance to give a presentation about education law issues and EHCPs. Rukhsana also gives regular free advice sessions for the organisation, helping many local people who are in need of advice. You can find the conference slides…

What would the impact of a 20% cut in EHCPs be on children with SEND? And can it even be done lawfully?

In a move that has sparked significant outrage and extreme concern, it has been revealed that a funding relief agreement by the Department for Education with some local authorities, contains targets to cut 20% of Education, Health, and Care Plans (EHCPs) for children with special educational needs. This decision has…

Is your LA claiming an “exception” to delay your child’s new EHCP?

While most families are enjoying their summer holidays, many families with disabled children can’t switch off, as they’re still trying to get the right educational support in the form of an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP). There is a 20-week deadline for completion of the entire process and this…