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Video Presentations about EHCPs and SEN Support from the Transition Event

Video Presentations about EHCPs and SEN Support from the Transition Event

Our senior solicitor, Rukhsana Koser, took part in the My Family Our Needs 2021 online Transition Event last month.

We’re delighted to be able to share with you Rukhsana’s presentations from the event below

Video Presentations about EHCPs and SEN Support from the Transition Event

SEN Support at the Transition Event

The first part of the Transition Event presentation is about SEN Support. This is the lower, non-statutory level of support for special educational needs in school. It is not legally enforceable. Most children with SEN are on SEN Support. It is supposed to be a cycle of support – assess, plan, do, review and in partnership with the family – but there is no need for any minimum number of cycles before an EHC needs assessment can be applied for. In fact, it doesn’t need to happen at all if a child’s needs are clearly high enough to need specialist support from even before they start school.

Watch Rukhsana’s presentation below (7 mins 54 seconds)

Challenging LA decisions

The first presentation is about challenging decisions by the local authority that you are not happy with (13 mins 33 seconds). You can also read more about how we can help you appeal decisions on our SEND Appeals pages here

 Contents of an Education, Health & Care Plan

The third presentation is about what goes into an EHC Plan, what goes where, what parts are legally appealable and enforceable. It also includes some relevant case law and issues around placement – the school, college, or education other than at school package to be agreed. You can read more about applying for a statutory EHC needs assessment here on our website here along with FAQs here.

If you have, or are expecting a draft EHCP – whether a new plan or after an annual review – we offer a fixed-price service to “M.O.T your child’s EHCP”. We go through the draft plan in detail, make suggestions for changes, clarity, legal compliance and whether it needs a child’s needs. Read more about our EHCP review service here

Watch the presentation below (24 mins 26 seconds)

Transition Event: Annual Reviews of EHCPs

Our second presentation is about the annual review for the Education, Health, and Care Plan. Rukhsana’s talk includes preparing for an annual review, what happens during the review, and what to do if you are not happy with the outcome. It also includes what to do if you need to change the plan during the year. You can read more about annual reviews and how we can help on our website here. Watch the presentation below (15 mins 36″):

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