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The 31st March deadline for Post-16 final EHCPs

The 31st March deadline for Post-16 final EHCPs

Our senior solicitor, Rukhsana Koser, has recorded the following video for parents of young people who are heading for a Post-16 setting later this year. We hope you find it helpful.

You can also download our leaflet and read more about annual reviews here, If your child is school-age, read more about transitions here

Post-16 video with Rukhsana

Transcript: The 31st March deadline for Post-16 amended EHCPs

Today, I just wanted to speak about the upcoming 31st March statutory deadline, by which time your young person should have received their final amended EHC plan naming their Post 16 placement.

The child or young person’s transition should have taken place and an amended EHC plan in a draft form, should be with you for you to consider, make representation and also to confirm the school or Post-16 placement or college, which you would like named in the final amended the EHC Plan.

If you don’t have a draft EHC Plan by now, I would urge you to write to your local authority (LA) and ask them to issue a draft plan immediately. If the local authority fails to do so
within the next week or so, you need to remind the LA that it’s in breach of its statutory duty. It’s very important that you have the final amended EHC plan by the 31st March because if you feel that you will need to challenge the final EHCP and appeal to the tribunal, then you need to make sure that your appeal is lodged as early as possible in April so that it can be heard and determined by the end of July.

If not, you may find that your final hearing is in September, which means that your child can’t join the school or college until the appeal is determined.

I hope this is useful, and if you would like to discuss any issue in respect of your child’s Post-16 education, please call me, Rukhsana, on 01452 543407

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