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Education Legal services for Families, in particular, Special Educational Needs & Disability

Education Lawyers

No one expects to enter the complex and often confusing world of education law when they have children. Our small but friendly, specialist team at Education Lawyers, is here to help you secure the right solution for your child.

We only deal with education law, and in particular, special educational needs and disability law. We work together with you to get the best results for your child or young person and cover the whole of England and Wales.

Education Lawyers has a very high success rate and we pride ourselves in trying to resolve your issue before it reaches the SEND Tribunal, thus saving you money and saving precious time for your child’s education.

We offer staged payments, and our very popular, fast and incredible value service to M.O.T your child’s draft EHCP. We make sure it’s a legal plan and meets their needs.

We can help you at any stage of the special educational needs assessment process with Education, Health and Care Plans, Annual Reviews, Disability Discrimination claims, Judicial Review, Exclusions, school placement search and more.

Take a look through our site at our free information about SEND and you can also find answers to frequently asked questions you may have.

If you need expert, personalised legal advice or representation, don’t hesitate to get in touch via the contact form, or call us on 01452 555 166 or you can ask for a call back.

Our experienced, friendly team also speaks fluent Urdu and Polish.

Kindly note: We are not registered Legal Aid solicitors and cannot offer this service.

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How we help

Our specialist lawyers are experts in all aspects of education law. We focus on special educational needs and disability. This page explains how we can help you through the SEND legal process. If your child...

M.O.T your child’s EHCP

Find out more about our very popular and great value service to M.O.T your child’s EHCP! If you have, or about to get, a draft Education, Health and Care Plan, you have just 15 working...

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Judicial Review

If your child's EHCP isn't being carried out, you can issue judicial review proceedings against the local authority
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School admissions

If you're searching for the right school placement or want to appeal an admission, we can help
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EHC Needs Assessments

When your child has a special education need or disability it can be a confusing and worrying time. We can help you apply for an EHC needs assessment
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Family Stories

Read about some of the families who we’ve helped secure the right education for their child and who have kindly written about their experiences
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